Dahlia is an innovative start up that, with the η-desk®
sistem, gives a full meaning to the term "digital condo".

Our product has obtained the italian patent and it’s working to get the european one.


The η-desk® sistem


The η-desk® system is an innovative system built for the management of the condo that optimize the flow of information and allows a quicker and more effective comunication between the condos and their admin/ administrator/manager and it incrase the security level inside the condo itself.

The installing of all the equipment is done without wiring to reduce the installation time and the inconvinients caused by the wires.


Installed in the gateway atrium, it’s the system’s base, always connected, allows the admin/ administrator/manager to send infos and news directly from theirs smartphones,tablets or computers to the notice board itself.

The residents cosequently can send the admin/ administrator/manager fault reports and recive an immediate feedback. The notice board is integrated in the smartphone’s app for a perfect use of the services.


It’s a touchscreen device which replaces or joins the intercom and integrates it with others programmable,evolved and dinamic functions. The deviceis a two-way video-intercom equipped with a camera and the possibility to send videos, text and vocal messages. It is also possible to use it to leave messages and notices as if they were Post-it™ for the visitors, forwarders, suppliers. It can even be used as a virtual sign, freely editable, for the offices.

"The devices are made of metal and tempered glass and they are explosion-proof."



The use of two additional cameras, besides the ones in the devices, configures a basic video-survellance system and prevents vandalism and robberies.

The video recording happens on cloud. Still in function of security, it’s possible to encorporate in the system different tipes of sensors as: gas and smoke ones and personal and household alarm devices.


"Hands-free with the Bluetooth of your mobile phone".

In addition to the already existing system with the traditional key, the device allows 'keyless' access to the apartment building by numeric code that can be entered on a virtual pinpad, the use of a personal badge supplied with the system, by a command on the user's smartphone and with RFID that automatically opens the door.

The system can be integrated with biometric detection devices.


Consumption monitoring is now available on the electronic notice board placed in the lobby and on each user's app, since the thermovalves readings are taken on demand and no longer on an actual basis.

Comparison with graphs and tables from previous years builds up a historical consumption trend and highlights anomalies. Where new generation water meters are installed, consumption is reported in real time.


The system updates automatically, transparently for users, without the intervention of technical staff, for both apps and devices. The natural evolution, currently under development, includes, among other things, the intervention of forms of artificial intelligence to provide increasingly personalised and efficient services.


For more infos download the PDF files here.



II sistema η-desk®

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